About us

LSC Arquitectura is Barcelona based architectural design company.
We offer architectural and interior design, management and consulting services in residential, commercial,
hospitality and corporate design projects.


           Laurens Schocher Carlier


Born in Oliva in 1978.

He obtained the title of Architect in the specialty of building by the ESTAV-UPV in 2006. Having studied for one year at the TU Graz in Austria with an Erasmus Scholarship. He works as a collaborating architect in different architectural firms, both in Spain and Austria. ▪ Topsieben Architekten-Vienna (Austria) ▪ Architekturbüro Hans Peter Wörndl - Vienna (Austria) ▪ Alonso and Martinez architecture and construction S.l. - Valencia.

In 2008 he founded LSC Arquitectura.

Since 2014, he has been a member of Equalogicallab, with whom he has been a workshop tutor at IFAC16 and has participated in three editions of Girona temps de flors. He was also part of the group that designed and built the installation for the 20th anniversary of Arquitectes sense fronteres de Barcelona.

In 2010 he completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Work Space Design at ELISAVA. In 2015 he completed the course "Architecture, Cooperation Right to Housing and City" at ASFforma. In 2016 he completed the course "Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising" at Escola Sert, and in 2017 he completed the Postgraduate Course in Rehabilitation at Escola Sert.